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     Founded in 2018, Crumbled changed the way we enjoy cake by breaking it down and serving it in a bowl, layered with icing and toppings, creating a flavour and texture combination new to the local market. It was a hit!  Not only did people love the new way to experience cake but also the bright and colourful space that was created to welcome all.


     Currently, Crumbled in in re-launch mode, having been acquired by a Barton Village resident and confectionery artist, Angela. She knew our neighbourhood needed an ice cream shop. Boom. Done. 16 flavours of Kawartha Dairy ice cream are now available to compliment our favourite cake dessert! Thank you Angela!! Traditional, or as we call them, uncrumbled cakes, are still available too. From simple to wild, just ask. We will be rolling out new offerings soon. We can’t tell you too much but we will say that Angela’s Snickerdoodles are legendary in some circles!


     Angela is an incredible chocolatier who shapes and paints with chocolate in a way that is best described as a 3D canvas. Her cake pops are second to none. They taste as good as they look. The way she creates arrangements, blending cake pops, chocolate strawberries and fruit ensures the product is a centrepiece for the event it was created for. Stop in or contact us to tell us about your idea. Maybe it is something that she can create. It is rare that the idea is too grand for her!


     We feel lucky to be taking the reins of such a great brand that offers the best quality ingredients. We do not take lightly that Crumbled’s wonderful customers helped it thrive through a pandemic. We look forward to meeting each one of you and will do our absolute best to represent the Crumbled brand well.


Angela and Matt for Crumbled

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